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0:00 author’s note
2:15 the wolf
4:16 nails
6:27 burial
9:43 maybe i'll come back someday (a duet between two spooky friends)
11:47 a resolution in shards

instructions for “burial”

1. wait until after sundown.
2. light six candles to represent the various acts within this recording.
3. prepare an ice cold soda-pop.
4. turn off all other sources of light.
5. begin “burial”
6. at the conclusion of each act, extinguish one candle.
7. after the last candle is put out and “burial” is complete, close your eyes. somewhere in the room, a spirit of the deceased will manifest itself across the floor from you. do not open your eyes.
8. slowly count to ten and open your eyes.

the purpose of this is to connect with an external spirit and witness the occult on your own terms.

mike klahold - help with engineering

bryan diem, or MC KimDracula - poetry + michael caine-ing (narration), screaming/growls, bottle noises, and cover

*poem in bridge of "maybe I'll come back someday" is an excerpt from "Hanging A Ghost" written by bryan.

An lp from my other project, stippling (a band with two other great musicians and friends), is expected sometime next year. A lot of work has been put into it thus far, and I'll be excited to release it and direct you towards that when the date arrives.


released October 30, 2015



all rights reserved


Movies Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: Burial
i am a monster in my head, there is no kevin here.
within three months we’ll all be dead, the summer is over.
sit down, it’s dark now. the music is starting.

the way we used to..anyway, the wolf runs north
the way we used to..were you really sure?
and with the fur i’m still just as cold.
i just wanted to be sure that this was real
maybe it’d be best if i go downstairs and die
there’s a closet underneath the basement stairs, it housed my dreams
one night i’ll put on the mask and play for keeps
despite my efforts i can’t get you out

you know, you should have hammered nails in me.
and it screams from every cell in me; the gate is down, the dog is free.
i can’t follow you wherever you go. it’s not like we sleep in the ground.
leave me like a forest leaves trails. and hammer me with black painted nails.
if you’d known how hard this would be, you should have hammered stakes in me.
regicide has failed, I breathe.

you walked all the way to the crease in the field where the man was once walked there. he walks there no more. in the time of loving husbands, and wives who never knew them; one day they went out walking but sped up the pace.
go back in your house, never come out again.
buried in the yard, we were never friends.
you climbed up the stairs. crawled into my bed. my arms wrap around you, we never were friends. a seance again. we summon the dead.
i know you don’t love me but do you love death?

maybe i’ll come back someday soon.
don’t know when but it’ll have to do.
maybe i’ll come back someday soon.
oh, the miles ‘tween you and i

we are all monsters in the end, i too am frightened.
dug up the casket with my hands, and crowbarred it open.
looked at the sunken dreary eyes, and blew out the candle.