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Music Video for "Kids on the Bus": bit.ly/1PUMJ7m


The lone full-length in the Movies collection. This album was recorded over the course of my spring semester at school. Parts were recorded in the millersville university practice rooms, my dorm's stairwell, and Money Store Studios (bryan's room).

kevin- vocals, guitar, piano, ukulele, mandolin, drums, tambourine, shaker, kalimba, marimba, upright bass, cello, metronome, zingers

bryan diem- kazoo on "anomie", mandolin zingers on "emily rose", help with additional mixing and production

zach cober- mouthharp on "anomie", help with production

dustin sokol- emotional support

album cover was taken on the destroyed Pennsylvania 61 highway in centralia, pa.

samples in "sheeleigh park" taken from home videos.

sample at the end of "emily rose" from portlandia ("cool wedding" episode).


released April 3, 2014



all rights reserved


Movies Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: we line up like victims
last summer, pollen opened up my eyes
as these dead bees buzz around like flies
don’t forget to smile, as i bulldoze my way through your paper mache bodies

all these kids and their bands and their girlfriends
you were fucked up but you said it was worth it
I had a friend who didn’t think he was worth it
When it all went to hell he just said “it was progress”

my legs give way as water cascades, and my hands start to shake,
It’s been years since I’ve cried before I cried today
we cry like our parents when we find things don’t last, oh how the sun sets on our backs
we line up like victims just to see if we pass, oh how the sun sets on our backs
Track Name: the kids on the bus with their heads against the windows
On mile four away from school
Someone scratched a curse and a swastika and bold words
Crushed pack of cigarettes and empty bic lighters on the bus floor
What happens if I stay on the bus and don’t go home?
Where does it go?
To the bus factory?
To the school dispensary?
What happens if I stay on the bus, and don’t go home.
Track Name: movies about folks and vices
I got my knife back when stars came out, my scars don’t show
I remember when you said I was dumb for my vices

I hope everything goes so well, let’s hope your folks never tell
I feel I understand it well, and I feel my vices swell

If you went to mars, come back
I need your hands. this car can’t drive itself.

let’s just pretend that you said, “all my mistakes have prices”
Track Name: the last exorcism of emily rose 3: the marked ones
there’s a place in my heart where I’ve been meaning to go
i was tempted by the devil in a dream i had at five years old
there’s a weakness in my head, he crawled in slow
a devil lives inside me, no mistaking him inside my clothes
but there’s a place he goes, separate from my clothes

he goes inside his cabin, cooks dinner for his wife
he’ll tuck his kids into bed tonight
pours himself some whiskey, chuckles at his life
wished he would quit acting uptight

there’s this ghost town where I’ve been meaning to go
It’s in central pennsylvania, I will find something there, I know
there’s a weakness in my head, he’ll crawl out slow
he’ll jump into the ground, in the mines, and make his home
but there’s a place he goes, separate from my clothes
Track Name: screen door
I will leave out of the screen door
never gonna see what happens next
you won’t see what happens for awhile
because I will walk 'round for awhile
I will walk around for mile or so
until I feel this curtain drawn
over all of the blank faces
Track Name: younger dave
When he sees her, he asks her how she gets away with lying through her teeth,
And then she averts her eyes, and says I’d like to tell you but I can’t because of your drunken stagger
Not that it matters, but I swore I heard a laugh of self-resentment over TV chatter
Told her I loved her, not that it matters

Started running, running out of necessary energy to carry myself onward
I avert my smile, and pretend to sleep and close my eyes and wish that everything did matter
Not that it matters, but I swore I heard a laugh of self-resentment over TV chatter
Told her I loved her, not that it matters
Track Name: anomie
it began with me telling stories to them after dark
it pulled me closer to the forest until I was lost
i want closure at the worst of times
yeah, i’m still writing but they’re entries of a different kind
i’m not closer (my teeth still biting into mouthfuls of the worst kind)
it began with me telling stories to them after dark
it pulled me farther down the water until i was lost

scuffle in the snow. went and got myself broken.
ericadic numbers; scuffle in the snow.
endure someone else. got myself broken; winded by the run.
ericadic numbers.
Track Name: oak tree
When I was born, I was set into a deep sleep
All years that passed, I was stuck in this vivid daydream
In which I cried for some forgotten thing that was sweet

whatever they see in me, want for me, i will not excel
let’s just drive somewhere, i’m an uncracked empty shell
let’s just drive somewhere forgotten but not gone

When I’m gone, bury me under the oak tree
When people stop to rest there, they’ll be sure to feel me
They’ll sit and cry for some forgotten boy that was sweet
They’ll sit and cry, for some forgotten souls are so sweet
If we forget what we promise, sometimes sweet things turn so sickly