I Rushed Out

by Movies

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Pat Quigley mixed and mastered it at the UArts studio
Austin Auggie Vitacolonna made the cover art
I wrote and recorded it in Suburbia
Sample in "last chapter" from Documentary Now "The Eye Doesn't Lie"



released May 25, 2017



all rights reserved


Movies Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: adventurous years
Adventurous years, are they behind us?
How many do you have left?
Remind me to think about times we’ve shared
You were doing well, I was at my best
I wish i’d recall. how can i do that?
We’re still doing well. you are my best friend
I want to live out all the golden years
With the ones I love, and then I could rest
How many do you have left?
Track Name: misguided
The dead can hear you
A whisper at your side when you feel confused
To be misled down a long, dark highway
To be misled down a long, dark hallway
Who made me come here?
And better yet: who let me come here without a map?
Couldn’t recognize my face last Friday
It was like David Lynch’s Lost Highway
To be stripped of being a martyr
To be misled six feet down under
To be misled ten feet above your head.
Track Name: boat
I feel less alone
They were singing all the classics
Me and pat on the boat
The bad feelings won't last forever
Long night driving. friends were drinking, laughing
We cruise along home now. they’re all screaming, fog is hitting.
Track Name: with a friend
Didn’t travel there but i visited it in a dream
What i saw; fire escapes, whispering halls
Salem-like steeples as i walked,
Strange architecture, how i gawked,
Houses quaint, not so tall
And i know the story well. don’t think i’ll dream of that again. unless i go there with a friend
And i know the story well. though i know it was not real, this half-baked thought congealed
Morning light seeped into my hair,
I found the map. this place wasn’t there.
Track Name: vocals in jefferson hall
Bryan screamed right behind,
In the dark where they marched
The sounding dispersed like an erased name on chalkboard
What is takes to catch a ghost on tape,
And what I took for granted in those eight (seven)
No, I ran like hell to a warm but apathetic town
Recalling snow all over the whole diem parking lot,
And time enough for a five-hour stephen king story
Recording vocals in a desolate and strange building
Our institution where we could be kids forever
But nobody can be quite like anything forever
And whatever happened to that raggedy goodwill sweater?
It brings peace to think the experience was one long-winded adventure.
Track Name: graveyard, nh
Listening to have a nice life during spring tour,
The van moves slowly ‘round the hills of new hampshire
Church steeple peeking out from a puritan canopy,
Like an omen, glimmering by the creek
Still, such a quiet place; lonely and curious
The next show that we’re playing in an art space
Maybe later tonight we could visit all the graves
Like an omen, glimmering by the creek
Still, such a quiet place; lonely and curious.
Track Name: bay bridge
Do you recognize the bay bridge?
There’s finally time to heal
As I watch them all drink wine,
I’m comforted in my head,
I recognize the bay bridge
Don’t force someone to talk if they need their peace
I recognize I’m a kid, i like to think back on shit
That doesn’t appear to mean anything
Because once, i didn’t think for myself
I was in the doghouse
But that’s in the rearview now.
Track Name: november gemini
With spellbound eyes, watch the november gemini
Share your art for the world
It’s been 10 years since 2007
Ideas are put in cages, set free and put on pages
We’re gonna teach you a whole new set of chord tones
You’ll hear it at your live show
With spellbound eyes, watch the november gemini
For just a moment, i believed in something again
Share your art for the world.
Track Name: last chapter ripped out
Something sparked memory’s papers to wash up on shore
Hide behind a movie. return there again just like before
There’s still a chapter left, keep that in your thoughts
I don’t know how this ends, but I’m gonna run like hell before it catches me
Can you feel it even when you are far away?
It’s ripping the page even when we’re here to stay
The years you have left,
You won’t hear this again
It’s time enough for us all. but not to grieve on a loss
I’m still scared as hell, but I love you so much